The philosophy we share,

the experience you dive into.
Our approach to Ecotourism

Slow Islands

We believe in a responsible adventure into the delicate ecosystem of the Venice Lagoon, its hidden gems and cultural heritage. Come on board and see where the wind takes you.

Our approach to cuisine

Taste our Slow Food

Rediscover the aromas and flavors of the Venetian cuisine. Take an insightful journey through the local markets looking for the best ingredients. As the beauty of the Lagoon becomes a feast for the eyes, the Italian soul comes to life on a plate.


Antipasto while navigating

  • Cream of chickpeas with thyme on celery
  • Crusted anchovies with aromatic herbs
  • Codfish bites fried in extra virgin olive oil
  • Wine: Prosecco sur lie Costepiane 2014


  • Cartoccio of weeverfish filet with aromatic herbs
  • Wine: Malvasia Colli Euganei Ca’ Orologio 2013


  • Open raviolo with wild hops and white silene flower
  • Wine: Ribolla Gialla – Ronco dei tassi 2010

Main Course

  • Baked Stargazer fish with potatoes and thyme
  • Wine: Tocai Livio Felluga 2009


  • “Seven Veils” by Luigi Biasietto – pastry World Champion
  • Wine: “Angelo Ruju” Cannonau 2006 late harvest by Sella & Mosca
The Boat

Eolo the 'Bragozzo'

Eolo is one of the few remaining ‘bragozzos’, flat bottom sailing fishing boats that once plied the Venetian Lagoon.

While this common sailboat was used as a fishing vessel in the days of the Serenissima Republic, today it is a unique way to see all the beauty of Venice from the water.

Eolo, the God of the Winds according to Greek mythology, is the son of Poseidon and it is his task to  control the winds. Eolo directs them across the sea and over land, and always in the right direction.

One of three identical boats, Eolo was built in the Lagoon shipyard of Chioggia in 1946 and used for fishing until 1967 when it was bought by a skilled boat-builder who kept it in mint condition. It was acquired in 1998 by its present owner, Mauro Stoppa, who has restored it to its original beauty.

The Creator

Meet Mauro Stoppa

Mauro Stoppa, owner of Eolo, is the creator of Eolo Cruising Venice and a sophisticated artisan of living and eating well. Mauro believes that holidays should be like an adventure filled with unexpected gifts of nature, turned into delicious dishes.

Elegance and simplicity best describe the way Mauro and his team design every cruise.

“You need to take time and respect the rhythms of the Lagoon, which is timeless”

Mauro Stoppa