Design your unique itinerary

There is only one perfect route - yours. We will build it according to the time you have, your interests and your passions.

A 3-day cruise would be a perfect adventure for those who come to Venice for a short stay but want to feel the real spirit of the Venice lagoon.  

A voyage of 6 days will bring the travellers to every angle of the hidden islands of Venice. 

Your tailored cruise could be

as long as you want it to be.

An example of a 3-day itinerary:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

The journey begins with an aperitif as Eolo carries you to the island of Sant’Erasmo, stopping to taste the bounty brought by farmers who have long supplied Venice with their produce. We continue on to the island of Torcello to see its rising Cathedral’s Byzantine mosaics, enjoying a mesmerizing view of the Lagoon from the top of the Cathedral Tower. From here we can see far into the wilderness that awaits us.

After embarking again on the Eolo, we enjoy a typical lunch on the calm waters of the Lagoon.

In the afternoon we reach the island of Mazzorbo to visit its ancient church, before heading to the island of Burano for a delicious supper and an overnight stay in a charming private inn.

Gently wake up on the quiet island of Mazzorbo, where Eolo waits to take you to discover the remains of Pre-Roman Age life in the Venice Lagoon. We sail northeast through saltmarshes that are home to various species of wild ducks, black-winged stilts and flamingos, and other inhabitants of the Lagoon. They surround us while we stop to dine in the wilds of the Lagoon, wrapped in peace and tranquillity.

We continue northeast for a night in a cosy 17th-century inn that has remained in operation for centuries. Dinner is served in a typical “bilancia”, used by local fishermen.

After the local fishermen drop off the fish they caught during the night, we move towards Venice. Stopping to visit a private hunting and fishing area, we explore the centenary secrets of fish farming in the Lagoon.

As we travel along, lunch is prepared with what the Lagoon has to offer. Venice slowly rises in the distance and points us in the right direction.

On the way, near the island of Lazzareto Nuovo, we drop anchor and dine. A visit to the island reveals the origins of some of the most characteristic masks of Venice.

We also have the chance to visit an organic wine producer who brought back ancient wines a few years ago in this brackish soil. The wine is reminiscent of the tastes and scents of the Lagoon. At this point, Venice is not far away; we end our trip in Sant’Andrea.

Customize your experience

Choose among different routes and personalize them with the unique activities we will organize for you.

Venetian Lagoon (Northern/ Southern)

A 3-day naturalistic journey discovering rare wild bird species and local hidden historic spots.

The Precious Brenta River Villas

A 4-day cruise aboard Eolo and rowboat combines the joy of an immersive naturalistic experience with the luxurious villas of ancient Venetian nobility.

Hills & Lagoon Immersion

An 8-day experience where the Lagoon exploration is enhanced by a visit to the Euganean Hills and their medieval villages and villas.

Venice as no one has seen it before

Add a cultural flair to your journey by unveiling the secrets of the most fascinating and mysterious city of the world from its unique canal view.

Day Cruise

Who said that one day is not enough to take a break? Breathe in the air of the Lagoon and have a taste of its distinctive atmosphere.