Your holiday should be the best time of your life. Make it happen here, on a historical fishing boat in the Venice Lagoon.

Private luxury expeditions and memorable experiences in the Venice Lagoon

They say about us

  • While the boat is comfortable, the real luxuries are the sense of space you get after the crowded canals of Venice.

    The Times
  • The Eolo (…) is a well-appointed pleasure boat and a very fine floating restaurant.

    Condé Nast Traveler
  • Every stage of our journey unlocks a slice of history.

    Financial Times
  • On a quiet Lagoon the Venice of yesterday.

    International Herald Tribune

The hidden gems of the Venetian Lagoon

Join us for an extraordinary journey: cruising on a flat-bottomed boat allows you to escape the usual canals and get to know Venice and its Lagoon from a new perspective.

There is a whole world inside the mysterious Lagoon of Venice. Find out what kind of hidden gems are waiting for you.


Curious? Explore the natural beauty of the Southern and Northern Lagoon.


Or embark on a historical adventure into the world of Venetian villas and castles down the Brenta river.

Taste of Italy

And discover the taste of Italy while enjoying the magical scenario of the Venetian waters.

Slow food & traditions

Italian gourmet cuisine

Life is endlessly delicious: take a moment to savour it. The Eolo team invites you to enjoy a taste of Italian gourmet cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients from the local markets. Experience the best part of Italy and create dishes together during a personalised cooking class aboard the Eolo.

Learn more about our philosophy and the way we experience the Venice Lagoon.