The Eolo is one of the few remaining flat bottom sailing ships, called bragozzi (bragozzo, singular) that plied the Venetian lagoon in past times. The once common sail boat was used as a fishing vessel in the days of the Serenissima Republic. Its flat bottom enabled the boat to navigate both shallow lagoon waters and open sea. The brightly colored sails of the Eolo identified her owner, while the boat itself was decorated with bright colors or religious motifs.

The Eolo, one of three identical boats, was built in the lagoon port of Chioggia in 1946 and used for fishing until 1967, when she was bought by a keen boat-builder who kept her in tip-top condition. She was acquired in 1998 by her present owner, Mauro Stoppa, who has restored her to her original beauty and made the interiors more comfortable and fit for year-round cruising.